Seems like it falls on us to save the day.


Steiner Reyes (シュタイナーレイエス) is a playable character in Chrono Trigger: The Zodiac Era. He is also a playable character in Final Fantasy VI: Presentiment Era.



Steiner is a Dalmascan solider with a dark past and sufferer of repression. Since time's strain in Ivalice, he is ill-fated with the same status as the antecedent knight. He is a repressed, yet misunderstood, level minded, friendly man mainly when commending on others' work and skill on the battle field, furthermore anyone who's served the Military as he himself has; he's full of praise for what they do. He has never once slagged anyone else's status off, (or anyone else for that matter, his defenses always seem to be internally reflected). However, other times, he appears to get quite easily on the defensive, most often there could a better way of displaying how he feels and handles situations, that will work better for himself and for others. In this situation, he can get a little incoherent, hard to read and slightly immature. It is not clear if this is intended (likely his way of attempting to "shrug off" what he may perceive as personal attacks), however, this only serves to create a communication barrier between himself and others. He is, although, very capable of holding reasonable and mature conversations.


Steiner is a 36-year-old man with a strong, muscular build, a tall frame, and brown eyes. He has short black hair and a beard. He wears a quiver of small daggers across his body, khakis pants and short boots. In early development, Steiner wears the Adherence Fauld over his waist. This was removed in the final build, and is worn by the Crimson Shade. Steiner has a long scar across his left brow.

Presentiment Era

Much as his DLC outfit attire in Chrono Trigger: The Zodiac Era, his sprites are Firion's sprites on the field. However, his battle sprites are Cecil'spaladin sprites.

FF4PSPBattle Paladin Cecil

Steiner's used battle sprites in Final Fantasy VI: Presentiment Era.


Steiner's field sprites Final Fantasy VI: Presentiment Era.

Creation and development

The Adherence Fauld or "Repressor", is a manifestation of Steiner's sexual repressed feelings and desires for other men. He is an internalized homophobic man. The internal struggle to accept who he his is physically painful to him to even think about, never mind act upon such desires. Because of his own view on the subject matter, has skewed his perception of a man's desire of another man. The sharp edges are a manifestation, symbolism of the mental pain Steiner feels whilst imaging the desires he has for men.

It also represents Steiner's internal view of homosexual feigns as sin; one opposed to god; and on this view his internal self hatred worsens. He has grown a block mind to it completely. A big part of this is how he perceives the world, from the above, he'd think the natural state of others is to automatically hate him. To him, that's somewhat confirmed by people's attitudes towards him, which then he'll perpetuate by becoming aggressive back, as if he feels the need to defend himself. That's natural, however, the cycle continues. He simply tries focusing on dealing as much respect as he can, less on trying to earn others, and everything else becomes irrelevant. Due to his repressed feelings, the player would never know his background as he wouldn't speak of it.

STEINER FF4PSPBattle Paladin Cecil5-2-2

Render of Steiner's alternative DLC outfit, akin to his sprites in Final Fantasy VI: Presentiment Era.

Sam rend-cle-st-76895SteinerDBG

Steiner's original attire with the Adherence Fauld in Chrono Trigger: The Zodiac Era.

Steiner's persona was created to have more self belief, that it's not possible to change your outward perspective, one can often relate, but it's certainly doable. At a glance, he can come across as a bit of an enigma.


––—Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.––—

In the ending scene, Steiner appears at Year 1980 in a deserted town. Baffled, but also quite relieved the incomprehensible events he's experienced is over, only to find himself faced with another dire quandary. He states having his own path he must now follow and he's received a letter from an unnamed source. Steiner's curiosity yearns for understanding, as he states wanting to "move on" later thinking twice, stating "not yet"; he will find him, seeking to end his internal struggles and repression.

––—Spoilers end here––—


Steiner wields swords and great swords in battle. He does not use magic and his skill set is Tier Skill. Scan allows him to perceive more detail about foes. Dark Courser deals physical damage to all foes.


Seethe/Invigorating Tier Skill
Dark Declaim Dark Courser
Gaia Drum
Crimson Blizzard

Presentiment Era

HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Magic Power Magic Defense Magic Block Relic Command
175 24 60 30 80 40 31 N/A Gigas Glove/Master's Scroll Attack



Steiner is an optional playable character replacing Setzer in Final Fantasy VI: Presentiment Era. He is considered optional as there are no extra story related scenario(s) as a central focus for his appearance in the game. He can Attack, use the Magitek command and use magic. He has the highest initial Strength and Stamina than any other character. He is limited to heavy armor equipment with average magic initial stats. Equipment such as the Enhancer can greatly increase his magic potency. His second strongest weapon is the Great Knife, which offers an significant strength addition but a negative penalty on speed. He can equip the Save the Caliber.



  • "Seems like it falls on us to save the day."
  • "Nyx, how do you know so much about the past's unheralded relics...?"

Musical themes

Bgm cpt011 short version

"Contusion" (The Darkness That Sulks In His Mind) is the eponymous theme of Steiner in Chrono Trigger: The Zodiac Era. The score for the in game soundtrack is different from the UROST (unreleased) soundtrack by Sebastien Romero; a shorter version of the theme.


  • The DLC outfit (Dark Knight) depicts Steiner in Cecil Harvey's Dark Knight attire, symbolizing the darkness in his heart and his internalized repression.
  • Steiner's second strongest weapon in Final Fantasy VI: Presentiment Era is the Great Knife, allusion to the weapon from Silent Hill 2.
  • Steiner's initial persona was to be akin to James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2.
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